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Ink and Gunpowder

"Bombs do not choose, they will hit everything” - Nikita Khrushchev
By the end of this article, you will understand why I choose that above quote. Once a great man said " The guns and the bombs, the rockets and the warships, are all symbols of human failure". Sometimes I wonder, what prompted Mikhail Kalashnikov to develop the worlds most popular and widely used assault rifle AK-47? And at the same time, what prompted J. Robert Oppenheimer to discover the first atomic bomb in 1945 and after the detonation he remarked the event by saying a quote from Bhagavad Gita which says " Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"
Sasha planned to stop by at her office only briefly on the morning of November 15, 2005. She had a number of business appointments around the city that day. Bhooooom!!!! Moments later an explosion rocked the building killing her colleague who work next door. Science uncovered the tail of forgery, fraud, and a murder.
The explosion occurred …
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"Deadly Harvest"

Brief: A successful banker (Maria) died in a suspicious way and autopsy revealed that death is due to a tablet. When the news broadcasted in TV, one lady(Suzan) claims that her husband(Mark) took that same tablet some hours before his death and asks the police to reopen the case. Now Maya has to find out the reason behind the two deaths.


Maria- The Successful Banker
Sarah - Maria's twin sister
Daniel- Maria's husband
Christina- Maria's daughter
Suzan- Mark's wife
Mark- A retired cop
Maya- Detective
Dr. Richard- The doctor who performed autopsy
Samson- Dr. Richard assistant

It was a typical Wednesday in the suburb of Hyderabad, and Maria was preparing for another long day as Vice President at local bank. And her daughter Christina was running little late rushing to take a quick shower before heading off to office. Over the sounds of running water, Christina couldn't hear when her mother collapsed. It was a tragedy then a medical mystery one which sent s…

Who killed the kids?

Brief: Two boys Harsha(5) and Ram(6) were stabbed to death in their house by an intruder and tried to kill the mother Anjali. After a struggle Anjali escaped and called police for help. Anjali explained to police the entire story of what happened but the evidence found by forensic team, revealed more than what she told.

Anjali- Wife
Manohar- Husband
Harsha- son 5 years old
Ram- son 6 years old
Krrish- son 8 months old
Pradeep- Forensic blood spatter
Daniel- Forensic Specialist
Thomas- Forensic Audio expert
Maya- Investigate officer CBI
Ranjan- Doctor who did surgery to Anjali
David- Forensic audio expert

Anjali is married to Manohar for eight years and they have 3 kids, Harsha, Ram and Krrish. Manohar works in a construction company as Chief engineer and Anjali take care of house and kids. It was a happy family and they had no problems at all. Everything was neatly planned and properly organised.

Manohar leaves home at 08:00AM sharp everyday, before that Anjali prepares breakfast and…


She converted a NO to YES by adding MAYBE in the middle, but she didn't had any idea that one MAYBE can change her life. So many people made her to add MAYBE and even they didn't had any idea what it gonna cost.

Initially she said NO to the person she suppose to marry, but he came up with a sentimental plan along with his mother and showed his face to her. She felt so bad and felt guilt and she thought the she is the reason for his situation and she wanted to correct it and later she said YES.

Her marriage was like Modi's GST implementation, some people supported and some doesn't. But finally she married him and imagined a wonderful and peaceful life. But life doesn't go on as we plan and it came up with some different plans for her.

The moment she married him, he started to use all his knowledge on torturing and humiliating her. A girl can bear any pain inside closed walls, but she will not resist anything which humiliates her in front of people. When you…


Charlie Chapin once said, "Life is a tragedy when seen in closeup, but a comedy in a long shot". No matter how dark or sad someone life may be, the basic absurdity of human existence will always shine through. Such was a case with this girl.

         When life is offering you something, its better say NO if you are not ready for that. Accepting something/someone when we are not sure about it, it will take full of life to cover the damage caused. We all know what we want and try to get it at any cost, but  at some point  we let go. No matter how hard you try to let go, but it will keep coming back like boomerang.

       Sometimes we let wrong persons to be in our life, sometimes we let good person go, but the thing is, later we regret for both of them. Both will cause damage to life at some point. If you start comparing the damage caused by wrong person and good person, it stand equal.

      When I saw her for the first time, I didn't know that I will write about…