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Its been 17 years, but I still remember her name and all the memories about her and my 7th std school days. As i dedicated my previous article for my fav teacher, in this blog I am going to write about a girl who grabbed my attention in my school.
I am writing this blog in 5 chapters, please do have some patience to read, I am sure you won't get bored.
             She was the second most beautiful girl in my school after my fav teacher, initially I didn't give attention towards her, but one fine Wednesday when she came in color dress, she was looking completely different, I was confused for a min, that is she the same girl!! From that day, it all started. She was silent, and intelligent in studies, her smile was beautiful, and she had amazing voice too. I participated in singing competition at my school anniversary to impress her. But i got only prize, not her attention. 
                                                     CHAPTER 2 - CLEANING HER DESK


By looking at the title, I know most of you think that I am going to write about my girlfriend, but I am not. This article is about my 7th Std teacher P VASANTHA LAKSHMI ( PVL) whom I considered as the second most beautiful women after my mom.

She was the most strict teacher in my school, but still she was my favourite for various reasons. She used to handle Mathematics classes, for me maths is like a nightmare, and still i hate maths. Normal multiplication, addition, subtraction and division we use in our daily life, but where do you use Algebra, Trigonometry, integration and differentiation? If its not useful in our daily life, then why to learn them, one more reason to hate maths is, I was so poor with that.

But still I used to wait for the maths class, so that  I can see my favourite teacher for 40 mins, when she entered the class, while welcoming her by saying " Goooood morning teacher" my face was full bright and smiling. I never paid attention towards her class, but …

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older

Ever feel nostalgic after thinking about the past? Naturally we all do, from time to time. If you were born in the late 80's or the early 90's you probably do a lot more, as you are experiencing it right now. Times were different back then. You didn't have a smart phone or Sunny Leone  to distract you or a need to constantly stay in touch to feel togetherness. We earned a lifetime worth of memories, just before technology took over. 

Here are some memories we loved as kids.

1. Ink Pen and Reynolds

If you're a 90's Indian kid, you'll definitely know a Ink pen, popularly knows as Hero pen. Remember how we used to fill ink into a Hero pen. Seemed like rocket science! I bet you remember the Reynolds ball point pen too. An entire generation penned their thoughts, took down notes and braved through their exams with it.

2. Video Game

Brick games were such a craze in the late nineties, almost every kid owned a video game. The crazy sounds it used to make was music to your e…

"Miss, he took my pencil "

All 90's kids will remember this legendary pushup pencil, so do i.

When I was in 6th Std, it was my dream to have those Pushup pen pencils. There were very few book stores in my place who sell pen pencil of this kind, at that time the popular pencils are Natraj and Camel but this one came out of the blue and stole my heart.

I don't remember the price, if I am not wrong it's 6 or 7Rs. Asking my dad 7Rs for a pencil is like asking god for a boon. After so many attempts he finally gave the money, when I went to store I was too late and pencils were out of stock.

I was disappointed and started to search for the pencil like Vidya Balan searches her husband in Kahani, visited every shop in town, and I lost somewhere. After searching for 3 days finally I got the pencil I was looking for. That moment is priceless for me, holding that pencil in my hand is like holding angel's magic stick, the smile on my face at that particular moment is the best part of my life.

Next day when I we…

Memory is a river, one that always runs backwards

The day is just another sun rise and sunset, but the thing is  what we remember to remember to keep ourself happy is matters most. For example our school days, that to our birthdays, the best thing to remember. Now we may celebrate our birthdays in rich hotels, on beach, a pub, or a group of close friends, just remember how we use to celebrate our birthdays when we were in school.

The most difficult task on previous day of birthday was to select the chocolate to distribute in school, a tough decision though. Next day waking up early, a lovely blessings from mom and the eagerness to visit school with colour dress is priceless.

After arriving the school everyone used to find out the change in my face and dress and a box in my hands. After the prayer, waiting for the class teacher is another form of happiness. Once she arrived to the class, I am a different person on that day, no fear, no need to worry about homework nothing, because on birthday's no teacher should ask for homework …