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Memory is a river, one that always runs backwards

The day is just another sun rise and sunset, but the thing is  what we remember to remember to keep ourself happy is matters most. For example our school days, that to our birthdays, the best thing to remember. Now we may celebrate our birthdays in rich hotels, on beach, a pub, or a group of close friends, just remember how we use to celebrate our birthdays when we were in school.

The most difficult task on previous day of birthday was to select the chocolate to distribute in school, a tough decision though. Next day waking up early, a lovely blessings from mom and the eagerness to visit school with colour dress is priceless.

After arriving the school everyone used to find out the change in my face and dress and a box in my hands. After the prayer, waiting for the class teacher is another form of happiness. Once she arrived to the class, I am a different person on that day, no fear, no need to worry about homework nothing, because on birthday's no teacher should ask for homework of mine, and scolding or punishing me on that day is strictly prohibited.

Went to the class teacher and told her that " Miss, today is my birthday, here is the chocolates", The moment she squeeze my cheeks and convey the birthday wishes , then there was a standing birthday songs from my classmates " Happy birthday to you"

Next comes the Chocolates distribution, one chocolate per person and that is strict rule, but the guy who used to sit beside me, he gets more chocolate and that day a strong competition among them to sit beside me..

When I remember this now, it makes me smile,  No matter how old your memories, if that made you smile then, it will make you smile now.

Adios Amigos 


  1. Well said bhai! as I spent some time with you , i will never forget those days ...keep rocking bro best wishesh for upcoming blogs.......


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