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By looking at the title, I know most of you think that I am going to write about my girlfriend, but I am not. This article is about my 7th Std teacher P VASANTHA LAKSHMI ( PVL) whom I considered as the second most beautiful women after my mom.

She was the most strict teacher in my school, but still she was my favourite for various reasons. She used to handle Mathematics classes, for me maths is like a nightmare, and still i hate maths. Normal multiplication, addition, subtraction and division we use in our daily life, but where do you use Algebra, Trigonometry, integration and differentiation? If its not useful in our daily life, then why to learn them, one more reason to hate maths is, I was so poor with that.

But still I used to wait for the maths class, so that  I can see my favourite teacher for 40 mins, when she entered the class, while welcoming her by saying " Goooood morning teacher" my face was full bright and smiling. I never paid attention towards her class, but only her. She was such a beautiful women and she was so nice with me and still I don't know why, she struggled a lot to teach maths to me but every time she failed. But I used to like when she was sitting beside me correcting my notes. Later i started to make mistakes intentionally,  so that I can see her face while she correcting my notes.

I used to give more chocolates to her on my birthdays, I had a great respect towards her, I never missed a single maths class, I had full attendance, and I hated the summer holidays. But the biggest doubt she had was, how I pass the exams? , but the secret is I had someone to show answers. I still remember the people who helped me in maths, and they are

7th- Swapna
8th, 9th- Sathish
10th- Sri Lakshmi
11th- Suresh
12th- I failed and he also failed
Diploma 1st and 2nd sem- Somashekar

Now I take the opportunity to thank them all, guys thanks for helping me in maths exams, without you I wouldn't have pass the exams. I wish my favourite teacher to read this blog, so that she will get answers to the question she had. its been 17years now, I haven't seen her, but when I go home this time, sure I will visit the school and meet her, and I am planning to give a copy of this blog to her.

I hope you all had your favourite teacher in your school, and you all did the same, no matter how bad the school was but we all had our favourite teacher. its time to remember them.

Adios Amigos


  1. Awesome buddy... surely your teacher would hold your ears...he he he...

  2. It was awesome subbu. All done best ra

  3. This reminds of few moments which I am not proud about , yet they are some sweet memories if have with my school and my wonderful teachers.


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