If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older

Ever feel nostalgic after thinking about the past? Naturally we all do, from time to time. If you were born in the late 80's or the early 90's you probably do a lot more, as you are experiencing it right now. Times were different back then. You didn't have a smart phone or Sunny Leone  to distract you or a need to constantly stay in touch to feel togetherness. We earned a lifetime worth of memories, just before technology took over. 

Here are some memories we loved as kids.

1. Ink Pen and Reynolds

If you're a 90's Indian kid, you'll definitely know a Ink pen, popularly knows as Hero pen. Remember how we used to fill ink into a Hero pen. Seemed like rocket science! I bet you remember the Reynolds ball point pen too. An entire generation penned their thoughts, took down notes and braved through their exams with it.

2. Video Game

Brick games were such a craze in the late nineties, almost every kid owned a video game. The crazy sounds it used to make was music to your ears. Each time you played, it was to create a new high score. Even then we had cheat codes! Crazy times huh?

3.Casette and Tape recorders

Mixtape was such an amazing thing. It's a shame this generation will never know the joy of a cassette or a tape recorder. Remember those times when you recorded a song for you friend or that special girl from high school? Good old times.

4. Super Sunday TV Shows

What made the 90's awesome were also the TV shows. Sunday meant binging on worldwide classics like The Jungle Book and also popular Indian shows such as Chandrakanta and Mahabharatha. The best part was that the whole family was involved in this.

5. Camera Rolls

Camera's weren't always digital. You couldn't just delete a picture if you didn't like it. Camera's had roll and they needed to be developed in a studio before you could take peek at your pictures. Remember the awesome sound the camera made after clicking a picture

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