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"Miss, he took my pencil "

All 90's kids will remember this legendary pushup pencil, so do i.

When I was in 6th Std, it was my dream to have those Pushup pen pencils. There were very few book stores in my place who sell pen pencil of this kind, at that time the popular pencils are Natraj and Camel but this one came out of the blue and stole my heart.

I don't remember the price, if I am not wrong it's 6 or 7Rs. Asking my dad 7Rs for a pencil is like asking god for a boon. After so many attempts he finally gave the money, when I went to store I was too late and pencils were out of stock.

I was disappointed and started to search for the pencil like Vidya Balan searches her husband in Kahani, visited every shop in town, and I lost somewhere. After searching for 3 days finally I got the pencil I was looking for. That moment is priceless for me, holding that pencil in my hand is like holding angel's magic stick, the smile on my face at that particular moment is the best part of my life.

Next day when I went to school, and took my pencil out of my bag my friends looked at me and asked " where did you get this? will you get one for me?" and they started to be nice to me so that they can write with that pencil. Especially writing our name when we get a new pen or pencil is some kind of a ritual everyone used to follow.

After getting the pencil, for the first time I was eager to write my homework, I wanted to see how this pencil flow in my hand, but after finishing the homework nothing was changed,  still my handwriting was as worst as before, then why the hell I took this pencil? Its childhood myth every kid believed, a new pen/pencil makes your handwriting beautiful.

Now comes the hard part, keeping the pen pencil safe, after spending some time with the pencil now its time to play with that, keep on changing the lead of the pencil, its was a amazing feeling to change the lead tip, and keeping the lead tips safe is one hell of a job.

After some days everyone is my class got the pencils and exchanging process was going on, we used to get afraid to buy same colour pencil which my friend had, chances are more for missing or sometimes they used to replace my pencil without my knowledge. 

One fine day at science class, room is completely silent and teacher was writing diagram of amoeba on board and everyone is copying the amoeba in to their note book with the pencil, I was busy in looking at my crush other side, then I heard the noice " Miss, he took my pencil"

Our childhood memory is like a 2 year old kid playing Hide and Seek, who hides behind the same curtain and still laugh on being caught every time. Hope you all became that 2 year old kind while reading this blog.

Adios Amigos


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