Charlie Chapin once said, "Life is a tragedy when seen in closeup, but a comedy in a long shot". No matter how dark or sad someone life may be, the basic absurdity of human existence will always shine through. Such was a case with this girl.

         When life is offering you something, its better say NO if you are not ready for that. Accepting something/someone when we are not sure about it, it will take full of life to cover the damage caused. We all know what we want and try to get it at any cost, but  at some point  we let go. No matter how hard you try to let go, but it will keep coming back like boomerang.

       Sometimes we let wrong persons to be in our life, sometimes we let good person go, but the thing is, later we regret for both of them. Both will cause damage to life at some point. If you start comparing the damage caused by wrong person and good person, it stand equal.

      When I saw her for the first time, I didn't know that I will write about her in blog after 2 years, judging a person is common nowadays, but judging with heart is something you have to learn from experience. A single smile can hide million untold pain, but what was she hiding?

      Whenever I see the moon and look at the spots, I feel no matter how many spots moon has, but still it remains as the most loved thing by everyone in the world. We relate moon in our life at so many levels, A mother uses moon to feed food to her baby, a boy compares his girl to moon, all the poets inspired from moon. A spot doesn't change who you are, unless u have eyes to see inside. No matter how many spots she had in her past, but she still shines today no matter what.

       What she has done to get such a bad past? whose mistake was that? was that fate? or was that her own mistake? inspite of all these questions, I tried to find an answer for one question, " why I met her?"

        The day I saw her, all I saw was just a smile on her face, as I told before a smile can hide million untold pain, I just wanted to find out what was that pain. I didn't had any idea what I am going to do by knowing about her, but all I know was she is not what she pretend she is.

        If you convert a NO to YES by adding MAY BE in the middle, the probability is 90% you are going to regret for making a NO to YES.

       Even she also said NO at the beginning, but what made her to say YES? A plane destroyed world trade centre,  a YES destroyed her life.

To be continued....



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