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The Only quality which makes humans different from animals is that we can THINK(?). But I strongly believe that some of us are not using that thinking ability in a right way. There are some topics which I think about sometimes, today I want to share with you. I don't know how many of you agree with me but, those who agree I say THANKS and those who don't SORRY I CAN'T CHANGE MY THOUGHTS.

1. Society don't Give a fuck about you, so stop living for the society and live for your self.

2. You are the only person on the planet who knows what you want in life, so stop asking suggestions and start asking questions

3. According to our Indian Society, a girl can't talk to a stranger, but she can marry him.  Wah!!

4. Every Indian Citizen has human rights. But the moment you born, your parents, relatives, and society will take that from you. Later you will start fighting for it.

5. Law won't allow kissing scenes and adult contents in a movie, but you can rape on a road no one will stop you. Even someone stops and called police, it will take years to punish you.

6. You can't use vulgar language on screen, but you can abuse women on road in public.

7. They say women empowerment, but a girl should not play sports by wearing short cloths.

8. No matter how good you are people will judge you from their perspectives.

9. In India, a begger will earn more than a newly joined software engineer.

10. we worry about society more than Aids and Cancer

I dont know how many of you thought this, but some times I feel that what happened to us? Who created all the useless customs and rules? Our society will teach us only one thing that is COMPROMISE. We are living our life by compromising with so many things. 

If you say there is a life after death, I don't believe that. We have only life and why we have to live that by compromising? 

Adios Amigos


  1. Agree with few of your thoughts but one thing, It`s not that customs and rules are useless, we need to evolve with the society and take what is good from it and try to give it back. Even if you have to break some existing boundaries.


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