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        She converted a NO to YES by adding MAYBE in the middle, but she didn't had any idea that one MAYBE can change her life. So many people made her to add MAYBE and even they didn't had any idea what it gonna cost.

Initially she said NO to the person she suppose to marry, but he came up with a sentimental plan along with his mother and showed his face to her. She felt so bad and felt guilt and she thought the she is the reason for his situation and she wanted to correct it and later she said YES.

Her marriage was like Modi's GST implementation, some people supported and some doesn't. But finally she married him and imagined a wonderful and peaceful life. But life doesn't go on as we plan and it came up with some different plans for her.

The moment she married him, he started to use all his knowledge on torturing and humiliating her. A girl can bear any pain inside closed walls, but she will not resist anything which humiliates her in front of people. When you dig the earth for water, the earth will bear all the pain and in the end it will give you water. She was going through so much of pain and insult but all she wanted him to treat her in a nice way and she wanted just happiness.

After some couple of days, they moved to a different place and she thought that may be the new place can bring some change in her husband's behaviour and she was happy for some mins. The moment they landed in that new place, things went worse. He started behaving more rude and harsh more than ever. She wan wondering that what she has done to deserve this live she is living. Her husband taken her for granted and he surrendered completely to his ego and started dominating her.

She lived this horrible life for some months and when her parents visited her, they had no words. By looking at her daughter they almost got emotional. She became very week and lots of beaten marks all over her body and mentally she was out of control. When he started to beat her, initially she used scream and cry, but later she started to laugh and started to punish herself.

There is a end for everything and one day her brother came to visit her and she told everything to him, he did what a brother will do. He took her home and she was so weak, that the moment she went home she has been hospitalised. She forgot the physical pain but mentally she was not able to recover. Her husband was her nightmare. She decided to put an end to her marriage life and proceeded for Divorce. After struggling some years she finally became free. She felt really happy after a long time, and her smile was worth a MILLION DOLLAR.

After so many years now she is leading a normal life and she is really smiling now. someone made her cry then, someone making her smile now. Smile is like a car wiper, it wont stop the rain, but it will help you to move on.

Adios Amigos.


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