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Who killed the kids?

Brief: Two boys Harsha(5) and Ram(6) were stabbed to death in their house by an intruder and tried to kill the mother Anjali. After a struggle Anjali escaped and called police for help. Anjali explained to police the entire story of what happened but the evidence found by forensic team, revealed more than what she told.

Anjali- Wife
Manohar- Husband
Harsha- son 5 years old
Ram- son 6 years old
Krrish- son 8 months old
Pradeep- Forensic blood spatter
Daniel- Forensic Specialist
Thomas- Forensic Audio expert
Maya- Investigate officer CBI
Ranjan- Doctor who did surgery to Anjali
David- Forensic audio expert

Anjali is married to Manohar for eight years and they have 3 kids, Harsha, Ram and Krrish. Manohar works in a construction company as Chief engineer and Anjali take care of house and kids. It was a happy family and they had no problems at all. Everything was neatly planned and properly organised.

Manohar leaves home at 08:00AM sharp everyday, before that Anjali prepares breakfast and lunch and keep everything ready, kids were so cute but difficult to handle but Anjali manages everything like a master. Everyday Manohar drops the kids to school and Anjali will be in house alone with her 8 months old Krrish.

The house is neatly constructed by Manohar himself, it has got two floors, 4 bedrooms, a big modular kitchen, spacious family room, guest room and a garage. House was very neat and everything in place, finally it is a happy family.They have dinner together and sleep together in family room downstairs.

One fine day, Manohar came home little tired and with headache, he asked Anjali to prepare a strong coffee, and relaxed. After the dinner Anjali told Manohar to sleep upstairs along with Krrish as kids want watch television.Manohar said OK and went upstairs to sleep along with his 8 months old Krrish.

Kids were watching TV and sleeping on floor, where as Anjali slept on floor. After some time kids slept and Anjali turned off the TV and slept on sofa. Around 02:30AM an intruder stabbed the children and then Anjali woke-up when she felt knife at her throat.After a deep struggle the intruder fled and Anjali managed to call Police and said,

  "Someone entered house and I was sleeping, he stabbed my children and attacked me, I am bleeding and my kids are dead, I need help, my kids are dead, dead, I need help" She told these lines over phone and she was crying a lot and panicked.

Local police alerted the available units and an ambulance immediately to her house, and when paramedics arrived, her 6 years old Ram was dead and 5 year old Harsha barely alive but he died Enroute to hospital.Anjali was taken to hospital for surgery to repair her neck wound. By looking at crime scene police decided it as a Homicide and informed to respective team.

At 03:00AM Maya got a phone call and it says" , there was double murder in 16th street, its possible homicide, need your presence along with your team". Maya conveyed the message to her team and asked them to reach the crime scene.

Maya entered the crime scene and shocked by seeing the house floor, blood everywhere, broken glass, and scattered vacuum cleaner machine, murder weapon on the kitchen table. Maya called for forensic blood spatter to analyse the scene. Blood spatter came and took pictures of entire house and the floor, he didn't left a inch in the house. Then finger print experts came and searched for possible finger print impressions and started to collect the evidence.

Maya sent all the evidence to forensic labs and bodies to hospitals. Later forensic team collected Anjali night T-shirt from hospital along with the admission report.After the surgery police recorded her statement and forwarded to Maya. The next day Maya visited the crime scene alone along with the recorded Anjali statement. Anjali explained the incident in detail to police.

Maya while listening to Anjali statement she moved all over the house and looking at the pictures at same time. She was repeatedly listening the statement but she was not convinced with her statement. As per the medical admission statement, when they admitted Anjali to hospital they found that her under garment(panty) was missing and her neck wound she missed her corrupted artery by 2CM and there was a wound on her right arm. After looking at the report Maya ordered the doctor to do a rape test, but the result came as negative. The crime scene was contradicting her statement.

Anjali described the intruder as 6ft tall, white male, wearing jeans and black jacket and a baseball cap, as per Anjali, the intruder entered house by cutting the screen in the garage and he dropped the murder weapon while he is running out of the house.

Maya collected all evidence and photos and pinned to a board and invited her team for discussion. Maya was confident that there is something wrong in the murder or Anjali statement. She started briefing and her team started providing necessary updates to her. One her team member told that police have found a sock covered in blood in the alley 2 house away in a open field.

Maya found this interesting and questioned" Why would a intruder leave the murder weapon in the house and take the sock and leave in the alley, why would intruder leave the sock in open view for the police to find instead of disposing in a garbage can or take with him"?

One more team member interrupted Maya as she was speaking and said " The police dogs and officers were unable to find the track of intruder beyond the bloody sock in the alley" that is something interesting. And he continued by stating that the motive for the murder did not appeared as robbery. Because where the kids died next to that there was a table and on top of that 13 rings, a chain and a ladies gold watch was there, it indicates nothing valuable was taken, not a act of robbery.

When Maya and team were speculating on what might have happened, Forensic specialist Pradeep is busy in analysing the blood spatter found on the crime scene.The most prominent evidence on the crime scene was blood, Pradeep told to Maya that the blood spatter will tell more about this horrific murder.When Maya examined the house again it appeared that the intruder entered the house through the garage screen window.

Maya and team were listening the Anjali statement repeatedly, the statement said that " I was sleeping on the sofa when the intruder murdered my son, I woke-up when I felt a knife at my throat and there was a struggle and the intruder fled through the garage, and he dropped the murder weapon on the floor on his way out" Maya and her team not at all satisfied about her story on the night of murder.

Maya spoke to Manohar and he said that he was sleeping upstairs with his 8 month old Krrish and he woke-up when he heard a glass breaking noice, when he came down his wife was screaming over phone.His statement was so solid that there was no doubt on him. But Maya and her team had no proof to prove the murder.

Maya observing the photos taken at crime scene and she noticed a set of white knife, one space was empty, it appeared that the intruder took the murder weapon a 10 inch white handled pointed knife from the kitchen.Anjali statement and evidence, photos were not matching, Maya and her team was sure that Anjali was mistaken of what happened on the kitchen or she knew more about the murder then she telling to the police.

When Maya desperately waiting for some clue, she gone through the evidence one more time and she spent entire night on that, when she is having a whiskey in her office, she got a call from Pradeep and it was good news, it was first breakthrough in the case, he said that " Maya, I found something fishy in the blood spatter, the blood drops on the kitchen floor were circular in shape, it means they were deposited by someone standing still or walking slowly, but as per the Anjali statement the intruder fled through kitchen" Maya disconnected the call and started to read the transcript of Anjali statement.

In the statement Anjali said that she was sleeping on the sofa, and she was got stabbed on the sofa and while bleeding, she ran through the kitchen after the intruder. Maya called to Pradeep and told the Anjali statement, but Pradeep said that its impossible, because while running the blood drops on the floor will not the in circular, it will be deliptical in shape usually with a tail indicating the path and direction of person running. Now Maya got confused and she hit a dead end.

Maya gathered her team again and started to discuss the new progress in the case, when everybody was busy in finding a clue, Maya remembered that something strange and important was missing in evidence.Maya played the Anjali statement tape and she told that "the intruder dropped the murder weapon on the floor". But the forensic didn't find any evidence of that and there was no knife drop impression on the floor.

But meanwhile lots of forensic people tried to find the evidence of knife drop print in all over the house, any form of print downwards falling from hand, but unable to found any. If the Anjali statement is true, there should be evidence of knife drop prints the knife covered with blood, but no print found.

Now Maya moved to next level of investigation, she requested for a forensic audio expert to analyse Anjali's phone call to police. David is forensic audio expert for 12 years, he joined Maya team the very next day. Maya provided the tape recording of Anjali phone call to police and asked David to analyse and find any clues. in order to analyse the tape, David isolated the Anjali voice in the tape and removed all background noice. He spent entire night analysing the call recording.

Next day morning David met Maya and informed that, While talking to police, Anjali has moved at least three different room in the house, these rooms were moved in very rapid fashion and she did not stayed in any room for long time. Now Maya has some questions in her mind, why she moved so quickly in between rooms while talking to police? Was she searching something? Or was she scared? But she came up with nothing. Meanwhile forensic team was continuously working on the blood drop photograph and they have sent the blood drops for DNA testing. The size and shape of the blood will be analysed in persistent with Anjali version of events.

Maya ordered for the DNA test for the bloody sock which police found in the alley, the DNA report said that the blood on the sock was belongs to the kids Harsha and Ram. Meanwhile Anjali got discharged from hospital and she was sent home.

Now Maya has to search for a strong clue in order to keep the case alive. She started to go through the photograph and evidence once again, and she found one photograph very intreating. She showed the photo to her team and asked them to tell the interesting thing in the photograph. But no one identified anything interesting. Now Maya handed over the Anjali statement transcript and asked them to read the underlined sentence and look at the photo. While giving the statement Anjali told that she chased the intruder through the kitchen and he knocked the wine glass on the floor. But still her team unable to identify the interesting thing on the photograph, then Maya explained this " guys, as per her statement, she was chasing the intruder and he knocked the wine glass on to the floor, means she was running behind him, but look at this picture, the pieces of glass are on top the blood drop on the floor, and as per the medical report there was no cut on Anjali's feet, how is this possible?"

And she took another photo and explained" see here, in this picture the vacuum cleaner is overturned and there is more blood spatter and the wheel impression in the blood. It all concludes that the Anjali ran through the kitchen BEFORE the glass broke.

While looking at the picture, Maya observed a blood stain on the handle of vacuum cleaner, Maya ordered a DNA test for the same and she showed the photo to Pradeep and asked him to analyse the pic. He came back after some time and told that" The blood dripped on to the handle at 80' degree angle, as if Anjali was leaning over the handle". and the DNA report revealed that the blood impression on the vacuum machine handle was belong to Anjali.

Next day Maya called the police who took Anjali statement at crime scene, She asked him to explain the Anjali condition at the time of giving statement. He stated to explain" At the time of interview she was appeared in a shock and was crying continuously, but I found something strange, she was holding a wet towel to her neck wound" Maya wondered why anyone use a wet towel on a wound? She had a doubt that may be she used that towel to clean the blood before the police arrived.

In order to justify her doubt, she asked Pradeep to test the crime scene again for any cleaned blood stains.Pradeep gathered his team at crime scene and started to find any cleaned blood stains. In order to do this Pradeep used a forensic technique, he used luminal. A chemical which glow when sprayed on a area where blood had removed. As suspected by Maya, Pradeep was able to found the foot print in front of the kitchen sink, on the cabinet beneath the sink, there was visible blood and the luminal had revealed that the more blood had cleaned before the police arrived.

Maya was waiting for Pradeep's report and same has reached her by evening. The report said that " There was visible blood in front of kitchen and cabinet beneath the sink. Evidence of blood in front of sink indicated that someone stood and not moving around, there was blood drops on top of blood drops in the floor and in front of sink, and as per the DNA report the foot print and blood found on the cabinet beneath the sink were Anjali's." And Pradeep also predicted that Near sink only Anjali cut her neck and arm.

But the strange thing was not the blood evidence found, but there was no evidence found of intruder. No finger prints, no foot prints, no blood drops, none.Police have searched the house many times but all the evidence found was belongs to kids and Anjali, but not a single evidence found for the intruder.

Maya's one of team member noticed one strange photograph, that is on the carpet in the family room there was an unusual blood impression. That a straight outline of the murder weapon, but Pradeep have already prepared a report on that too, and it says "heavy line of blood near the tip of knife revealed something more about the killer. The only way that to get something like coming out of the knife in that manner we found it would be to have the knife in the hand of the person bleeding, all they contributing blood continuously. If you had a wound in the right hand along with the knife, with the blood flowing down the arm and then the blade of the knife then it will produce the heavy impression of blood we got the tip of blood"

Coincidently Anjali had a knife wound in her right arm, the DNA revealed that the blood found of the knife was both kids and Anjali, not the unknown intruder.

And while giving the statement Anjali told to police that she put the knife on the kitchen table from picking from the floor, but she said nothing about taking it to the near the carpet in family room.

Now Maya and her team convinced that there was no intruder in the house on the night of the murder.But they have to prove that there was no intruder in that house and they have to collect one breakthrough evidence. Maya started to look at the photographs rapidly for ay missing clues, but no luck.

After 8 days of the murder, Anjali and Manohar celebrated what would've been Ram's 7th birthday in the cemetery. Anjali invited her friend who is a reporter in a local TV channel for the party. As the murder case was created a big fear and curious Anjali was a famous figure but getting everyone's sympathy. Anjali's friend recorded the celebration and telecasted in the channel. Maya was shocked to see the celebration video in TV, its been just 8 days but they are celebrating a grand party at cemetery, it really struck Maya more than curious.

Daniel called Maya and asked her come to his lab. When Maya arrived the lab, Daniel welcomed her with a smile on face, and Maya asked him that why he is so happy. Daniel did a miracle, he found a important breakthrough evidence in the case, that evidence contradicted the entire Anjali statement and story she told to police. On one of the bread knife collected from crime scene, Daniel found a single fibre glass rod and some rubber dust. The screen in the garage was made by polyvinyl chloride bundles, the interior core of the bundle was composed of finer glass rods, the finer glass found on the kitchen knife was identical from the fibre glass rod found in the garage screen. To cross check, forensic team searched any source of finer glass in entire house but they didn't found nothing. It concludes that the finer glass that found on the knife is came from the garage screen and there was no intruder.

Now Maya remembers the Anjali's night short which she wore on the night of the murder and it was collected as evidence, she called Pradeep and asked the update. Pradeep told to Maya that the report is ready and Anjali is the real killer. Maya didn't understand what Pradeep saying, and he said that he will send report in another half an hour. By the time Maya reached the office the report was lying on her table. Maya started to read the report in front of her team.

Pradeep had found castoff blood spatter on back of right shoulder area, the DNA revealed that blood belongs to two boys. Some of the blood stains are coming in a direction consisting which the movement of the item that blood stain. In Pradeep opinion that the knife. If you are drawing the knife backward, the blood is coming all for the end of the knife has been drawn backward and of course if its close enough. If it still in upward flight, it will point in upward direction with blood stain. The blood spatter was pointed upward consistent with the movement of knife in Anjali's right hand. All the forensic evidence told a story that quite different that one Anjali told to police.

Now Maya has completed her investigation and she arranged all the evidence and reports in a order and prepared her final report. Next day she and along with her team went to the judge for getting arrest warrant for Anjali and Maya explained the case briefly to judge.

"  1.The Murder was pre meditated. Anjali encouraged the kids to sleep with her in the family room.

2. Sometime after 02:00AM, Anjali took a bread knife in the kitchen and cut the garage screen. She returned the knife to the place without rinsing the fibre glass residue which the forensic scientist found later in the knife.

3. Anjali used the largest knife she had to murder her two children.

4. Blood spatter on the back right shoulder of her night shirt, placed the murder weapon in Anjali hand.

5. We are speculating that Anjali has removed her under garment to suggest the possibility of sexual assault, but the rape test came negative.

6. Standing at the kitchen sink, Anjali turned the knife on herself slowly cutting her neck and right hand arm.

7. Then something unexpected happen, 5 years old Harsha was still alive crawling through the family room, he was stabbed two more times.

8. The knife impression on the carpet was caused by blood from her arm wound as it dripped over the knife.

9. Later she broke the wine glass and called the police. The audio analysis of her call to police revealed that Anjali, moved from room to room to stage the crime scene.

10. She removed some of blood spots, she cleared the blood near the sink and beneath the cabinet.

She attempted to mislead the police but she failed.After listening Maya's explanations along with the proof, he convinced that Anjali is guilty and issued Arrest warrant.

Finally Judge asked Maya " Why she killed her two children"?


  1. I have read entire story and it was really horrifying when going line by with anxiety to know the who is the culprit. Each and every line was nicely and granularly written.The story depcits the effort and long haul that you put into completing this story without any flaws. All the things that you used up in this story was awesome framed according to the crime scene.At the end of the story it's clearly states that culprit is Anjali, But you left us in deep thinking as to why did she murdered her children's???? Over All 5/5. But curious to know the reason behind. Keep up the good work mama. it's kinda great script to do a short film on this. once again you nailed it. Looking forward for more stories with the same intensity.


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